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30 May 2024 | Case story

A unique outdoor dining experience

French 3-star restaurant L'Assiette Champenoise was looking to give its outdoor space a refresh. Until 2021, guests on the terrace had always sat under canvas sunshades, which had been there for decades. The time had come for a change. According to the restaurant's owners, L'Assiette Champenoise deserved a terrace on par with the 3-Michelin-starred restaurant's haute cuisine. Interior designer Grégory Guilleman (Homage) was tasked with designing the new outdoor space. "The pandemic gave the owners an incentive to change things around," says the interior designer. "At the time, guests could only eat outside. The owner wanted to take the experience to the next level, offering patrons an unforgettable outdoor dining experience."

A sleek and simple patio cover

Together, they settled on Renson's patio covers because of the aesthetic solutions the company offers, which are both timeless and highly efficient. Guilleman selected the Camargue patio cover because its slatted roof filters the sunlight, casting nice shadows on the terrace. The louvres can be operated electrically to control the light and provide rain protection. Alternatively, they can be opened completely for maximum visibility and light. "Camargue seemed like the best option for L'Assiette Champenoise because of its sleek, pared-down design," Guilleman explains. "Another advantage was that we could match the colours to the existing colour palette because this patio cover is customisable. The combination of the beige-grey structure with the matt yellow-beige roof blends in perfectly with the red brick building and the lush, green vegetation of the nearby garden."

NOA partner

Enhancing the atmosphere

Renson's premium ambassador Highsun installed the new structure in record time. All seven patio covers were installed in just one week! Jean-Rémy Baudart of Highsun explains: "The seven modular Camargue patio covers form an L-shape, covering an area of 155 m2. The canopies have been fitted with Fixscreen solar sharing and LED lighting. The vertical screens protect guests from wind, rain, sun and insects while the built-in ambient LED lighting means guests can dine out on the terrace until late at night." According to Baudart, customers like that Renson's products are fully customisable. Moreover, the patio covers can be adapted or changed up to seven years after installation by adding accessories such as heating or audio technology. That way, your outdoor space is always up-to-date with the latest trends.

A unique outdoor experience

It took a lot of work to install the patio covers. The team even demolished a restaurant wall to incorporate the new patio covers into the existing architecture. Ultimately, however, it all worked out, and everyone was tremendously satisfied with the result. "The feedback from guests who have already had the opportunity to enjoy the new outdoor space is great," says interior designer Guilleman. "The staff, who work in the restaurant and outdoor area, also love it." Baudart of Highsun adds: "The guests who visit this Michelin-starred restaurant have high expectations, with some people travelling long distances. The guests come from all over the world. Thanks to Renson's high-quality patio covers, the high-quality culinary experience is enhanced by a unique outdoor experience."


Prestigious restaurant L'Assiette Champenoise, near Reims, is a popular destination for foodies. Chef Arnaud Lallement was named Chef of the Year in 2014, the same year he was awarded three Michelin stars. The restaurant's menu features timeless dishes that the chef has revamped over the years, such as champagne foie gras and blue lobster, the latter being a tribute to his father. The restaurant welcomes guests in a contemporary, atmospheric setting with an emphasis on quality design. Guests can also dine on the terrace well into the night, regardless of the weather. The restaurant is housed in a superb mansion, meaning guests can spend the night. The suites were also recently revamped with the individual rooms oozing classic style.

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