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Meetings in a unique (outdoor) environment

Would you like to meet with your team or customers in a unique location? This is possible at NOA outdoor living inside, and recently also outside in one of our gardens. "The Office" was decorated by Buro Modern en Limited Edition in a practical and cozy way with the necessary facilities (screen, brainstorm board, coffee, music). Ideal for a special team meeting, appointment with clients, a brainstorm or other professional meeting.

Max. 10 persons per meeting room.

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Professional networking location

NOA has much more to offer than an outdoor inspiration park or a unique outdoor & indoor meeting room. It is also a special location for your professional networking event, (product) presentations, launches or conferences.

With three state-of-the-art conference rooms, a covered patio, a spacious showroom and a plaza, you can unite people professionally in an unseen environment.

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