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Outdoor innovations by NOA partners

Intelligent charging units

The new BEGA charging units for electrical vehicles can be integrated into bollard tubes, light building elements, or in luminaire poles.

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Alpha SHS Ventilation System

This sophisticated system from Alpha Wellness Sensation seamlessly integrates into sauna walls, enhancing the sauna environment and ensuring a superior user experience.

XXL Shade

Imagine a one-of-a-kind wooden sun protection system with sustainable wooden slats by Carpentier.

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Custom heating pads
Outdoor Furniture with Accoya Wood Integration

Coco Wolf now offers eco-friendly custom heating pads.
The integration of Accoya wood that is exceptionally resistant to rot and decay makes this the ultimate choice for outdoor furniture.

Mondo 120

Timeless design with a distinctive natural look and feel while remaining extremely durable and easy to use, that's the new Mondo 120 from Cosapots.

Bar in a cupboard

The CUBIC bar cabinet is the perfect solution for those who want to entertain their guests outdoors without
sacrificing a stylish and professional bar.

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Garden fencing in wood composite with the look of real wood

Duofuse® combines the best of both worlds for a garden fence: the look of real wood with the durable resistance of modern plastics.

Nexus Ensemble, a shared parcel mailbox

The ideal solution for different housing types. The eSafe Nexus combines a separate postbox with a large volume for parcels. The Ensemble version allows multiple Nexus mailboxes to be connected side by side, with each column having multiple post boxes.

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The use of wood and powder coated stainless steel follows Extremis’ established design language of timeless and strong materials. With a width of 1 meter, the tabletop royally offers ample tablespace.

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This exquisite rug from Limited Edition is composed of 100% polypropylene and hand-made with the greatest care and precision.

Cozinha Collection

The OFYR Cozinha Collection consists of 3 modular models with a total of 32 designs that add style, quality, and functionality to any outdoor space.

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Acoustic furniture

Sound-absorbing furniture by PETAC® such as cabinets, cabinet doors, modular walls, wall coverings... work excellently for any office, catering and living environment.

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Outdoor spotlights under patio cover

In addition to mood lighting, you can enjoy the convenience of directional spotlights under the latest Renson patio cover, in collaboration with Kreon.

Patio cover and storage in one

Thanks to a prefab system for fixed walls with an integrated door, it has never been easier to combine Renson Algarve with a storage shed.

Six new fabrics give sliding panels more cachet

New Loggia Canvas sliding panels strengthen Renson design styles, in collaboration with 2TEC2.

Mambo Lounge + Bloom umbrella

Available in a range of 74 different fabric types, including the new ultra-cozy and trendy bouclé, the Mambo from Royal Botania can transform itself to suit any setting.

The Bloom umbrella is technically a masterpiece. The lever-operated spindle system allows for bigger sizes of canopy.

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Round slabs

Round pavers break with the tradition of straight lines and add a unique charm to every design.

MOBI – the mobile vertical (office) garden

Greentexx® vertical gardens use rain/storm water to promote cooling, biodiversity, acoustic/thermal insulation, and mental well-being in our streets and business parks, as well as at the office or in our homes.

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Two brand new ecological linea7 facing bricks

With the launch of Linea7 7045 and Linea7 9002 the ecological ‘Linea7-range' now consists of 9 subtly nuanced colour shades. These two brand new facing bricks bear the ‘ECO-7-size’ label thanks to their narrower format.

Quercus cerris 'Summer Veil'

This remarkable tree species originated as a seedling of Quercus cerris and was marketed by Van den Berk Nurseries.

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