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The future, trends and vision of Hospitality 27-06-24

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Trends in hospitality worldwide – Tina Norden (UK)

Interior designer & architect, Principal and Partner at Conran and Partners.
Norden’s portfolio encompasses high-end residential spaces, hotels, restaurants, and boutique retail establishments: projects such as the Park Hyatt in Auckland and Jakarta, the Hotel Maximilian in Prague, and a new brand identity for The Peninsula Boutique & café, with the first opening in Hong Kong.
Tina will bring her vision about the future of hospitality worldwide.

YALO Hotel, an urban boutique hotel with a metropolitan approach – Nicolas Block (BE)

Imagine yourself in New York or Paris, that's what they wanted to achieve with YALO. Although we love Ghent and it’s a super cool city, we have to admit that it is not a metropolis ... and yet they succeeded thanks to a specific approach. YALO won the international hotel award ‘The Best Hotel Design’.

Nicolas is the founder of ‘the mad creative agency’ King George and, together with his team and the owner, he thought about what kind of hotel Ghent needed, what kind of turnover it would generate, how they could appeal to a business audience, what common thread should run through everything, and so on.

A fascinating best practice to hear.

Guided tour in NOA outdoor living park – a walk with the NOA partners

In the heart of Belgium 30 partners have joined forces…just as Noah once united the animals in his ark, we bring the outdoor specialist together.
Not in a classic showroom, nor in a standard way… Not just any showroom but in a 30,000m² park divided into several gardens where inspiration takes centre stage.
Let the NOA partners show you around and explain the story behind this unique approach full of experiences and great collaborations.


Thursday 27 June - 17:30 - 23:00

NOA outdoor living
Polydore Rensonstraat 8, 9770 Kruisem (BE)


17:30 Welcome
18:00 Guided tour of the NOA outdoor living inspiration park
18:45 Trends in the international hospitality world -Tina Nordon (UK)
19:25 YALO Hotel, an urban boutique hotel with a metropolitan approach – Nicolas Block (BE)
20:00 Network Reception
23:00 The End

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