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18 March 2024 | Case story

Taking outdoor lifestyle to the next level

This house, nestled in the English countryside of Oxfordshire, underwent a significant transformation. In the new design, the large-scale outdoor space of the home is designed with grandeur - similar to a park garden of a luxurious resort, divided into several outdoor areas. Outdoor rooms are created for dining, relaxing, lounging, and seclusion to fully experience outdoor life and enjoy the tranquility and natural surroundings of the countryside.

At the forefront of this concept is the luxurious outdoor furniture collection by Coco Wolf, which fits perfectly with the natural surroundings and elevates the outdoor space ultimately.

Enchanting nature to resource
One of the most hidden spots of the outdoor design area is in a magnificent natural setting. The sitting area by the lake is designed to seclude yourself and to fully enjoy the peace that nature has to offer. Beautiful in all seasons, as in fall, when the leaves of the trees change colors. The outdoor furniture for this space is executed in natural tones, which blend nicely with the natural surroundings. A centerpiece, a large comfortable sofa invites hours of relaxing while enjoying the view.

The pure enjoyment of alfresco dining
The dining space indoors extends into the open garden area. Reflecting the fusion between traditional charm and contemporary design. The large table and chairs on the terrace create an inviting atmosphere for alfresco dining. It is ideal for lunches and high tea during the day or for evening entertainment. As opposites attract, this outdoor combination plays with contrasting colors; the dark wooden finish, light upholstery, and marble give the blend a glamorous touch.

Inviting garden oases
The outdoor space beneath the dining area opens into a garden oasis, ideal for meeting guests and enjoying outdoor living - a comfortable, stylish seating combination with some accessories, cushions, and plaids for a luxurious touch. Further on, next to the pool, you can find inviting loungers, awaiting guests to soak up the sun until evening and enjoy the last rays of sunshine.

Sustainable luxury outdoor furniture
Coco Wolf carefully selects timber from managed forests and reuses and recycles raw materials where possible. The factory's power comes from renewable sources, and the innovative manufacturing processes produce minimal waste.

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