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19 December 2023 | Product story

Personalised LED screens

When folded shut, Trivis has all the makings of a sculptural object. Fold it open, however, and the triptych transforms into a seamless LED screen. Designer Gerd Couckhuyt devised a premium, height-adjustable, 360-degree rotating screen for permanent outdoor use. Thanks to its many years of experience in the music and sports industry, Belgian company Caerus Vision has become a prominent player in the world of innovative LED screens. With Trivis by Caerus Vision, everyone can enjoy good quality sound and images in the privacy of their own garden. Moreover, Trivis can be personalised, and the screen can be seamlessly incorporated into the wall or as a floor-rising screen for home theatres. The large, luxurious screens strike just the right balance between elegant aesthetics and smooth-running mechanics.

About NOA:

NOA outdoor living is an experience park for outdoor design in Kruisem. In the theme gardens, you can find inspiration to decorate your garden. These gardens combine architecture, landscape, and interior, and welcome architects, landscape architects, designers, and contractors as well as private prospects. In this inspiration park, you will find luxurious garden furniture and designs by more than 30 high-end partners, who are happy to advise you as you bring your dream garden to life. Moreover, the park is the perfect professional networking location; the conference rooms, covered patio, spacious showroom, and plaza of NOA outdoor living are the ideal setting for your conference, product presentation, or product launch.

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