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18 March 2024 | Product story

Everything under control with NIKO home control

Niko Home Control elevates your home, making it smarter and more beautiful, giving you more time and budget to live life to the full.

Can you think of anything cosier than spending long summer evenings chatting outside with friends or counting the stars while wrapped in a blanket on a winter night? Thanks to the intuitive Niko Home Control system, you can really relax, unwind, and take some time for yourself. Like inside, the system allows you to set different light and music moods and routines, in tune with the rising or setting of the sun, for example, which are turned on or off at different, pre-set times, depending on whether it’s winter or summer. Thanks to the wireless system, which makes for seamless integration in renovation projects, you can control every detail of your home and garden, both centrally or through an app (giving you access from anywhere in the world). What’s more, Niko Home Control also comes with a series of smart energy-saving options so you can enjoy your pool without consuming unnecessary energy.

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