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25 October 2023 | Product story


Climate change is forcing us to rethink our homes and our outdoor spaces. The combination of extended periods without precipitation with sudden, very intense rainfall means we need smart built environments. Groundwater balance, by mitigating flooding and reducing runoff into the sewer system, is just one way of achieving this.

“We take a holistic approach, combining water-permeable paving with the construction of wadis, unpaved areas, climate-resilient planting, biodiversity, and the use of circular materials. As part of this effort, we developed a specific solution in the form of our H2O Natural Clay Paving system”, says marketing manager Filip Melis of Vande Moortel.

The H2O Natural Clay Paving system consists of natural clay pavers, made with clay from the Scheldt River, combined with permeable paving and joint filler. Even without spacers, this system can easily cope with 270 litres of precipitation per hectare per second, delaying infiltration so even the most intense rain seeps into the soil slowly. The fact that these pavers have a lifespan in excess of a hundred years and that most of the unbound subbase can be reused means the system’s resources are also sustainable.

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