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24 June 2024 | Product story

Friendly giant

Is bigger better? The answer is yes if you have the space and a large plant because you can make a real statement with an XL pot. Cosapots, one of several labels of The Pots Company, has earned a reputation worldwide for its exclusive, high-quality outdoor pots. Mondo, a line of pure polyester pots, is the latest addition to the product range.


Nicolaes Devriendt, the art director at Cosapots, designs the collections, decides which details to add, and is also closely involved in the production of the pots. When creating new designs, he always strives to cater to the demand for a high-end product. Ultimately, however, it is his humble attitude to the plant that makes all the difference. “The plant always has the starring role in all my creations,” he says, “with very simple, easy-to-understand shapes and an earthy colour palette that shows off the plant to its full advantage.” Cosapots proves that aesthetics and functionality can go hand in hand. The brand’s pots are featherweights, making them extremely user-friendly. As long as they are not filled with soil, even the largest sizes are easy to move around. The pot is supplied with a second bottom at the desired height to the customer’s specifications. That way, you don’t have to fill all of the pot. The exceptionally fine rim of the pots also makes re-potting easier. The rim extends maximally further inwards, indicating how much soil you need to add.

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For life

Cosapots is also fully committed to sustainability with its Mondo collection. “These extremely sturdy pots are made from pure polyester,” says Nicolaes. “We also deliberately chose timeless shapes and a neutral but stylish colour palette, which can stand the test of time.” Occasionally, the designer gets requests for more eccentric shapes and colours. “We believe in staying true to what we excel in and what sets us apart from other designs. Keeping up with the latest trends also means people will dispose of your product more quickly, something we want to avoid at all costs. The plant always gets the last word.”

About NOA:

NOA outdoor living is an experience park for outdoor design in Kruisem. In the theme gardens, you can find inspiration to decorate your garden. These gardens combine architecture, landscape, and interior, and welcome architects, landscape architects, designers, and contractors as well as private prospects. In this inspiration park, you will find luxurious garden furniture and designs by more than 30 high-end partners, who are happy to advise you as you bring your dream garden to life. Moreover, the park is the perfect professional networking location; the conference rooms, covered patio, spacious showroom, and plaza of NOA outdoor living are the ideal setting for your conference, product presentation, or product launch.

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