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19 December 2023 | Product story

Exclusive outdoor experience

With Renson's patio covers you can enjoy your outdoor space for most of the year without having to worry about seasonal changes. According to Kerlijne Deneyer, the company's product manager, emphasis is on the experience, with indoor and outdoor living spaces blending seamlessly into each other. The only way you can achieve this is with a personalised approach and attention to every detail. The company thus offers a wide range of additional outdoor experiences, extending beyond the purely functional-technical aspect.

To this end, Renson has partnered with leading players in other industries, such as lighting company Kreon for the latest ‘Amani’ while also integrating the brand's outdoor spotlights in its patio covers. For textiles, Renson already works with several partners for technical sun protection. Recently, however, Limited Edition has started to produce exclusive woven fabrics for Renson that match the six design styles that trend agency Francq Colors developed in terms of texture and colour and are suitable for outdoor use. Or how to offer customers the all-in experience they are looking for.

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