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18 March 2024 | Product story

Durable, playful garden tiles

Craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability, all part of the unique DNA of Schellevis®. The Dutch company adds a playful twist to any garden with its new range of round tiles.

For more than 85 years, the Dutch company Schellevis® has led the way with innovative decorative paving and concrete elements for outdoor projects. Thanks to their vast range of 280 products in six colours, there are endless ways of creating an interesting garden or patio design. At the same time, Schellevis continually reinvents itself, most recently with the launch of a collection of round tiles. “We noticed that organic, flowing lines are gaining in importance in interiors and in gardens. Our round tiles add a playful twist to any design, and can be used for garden paths or as stepping stones in the grass," says marketing manager Chantal Geerdink. “Thanks to their distinctive Schellevis® design, they can be seamlessly combined with the other products in our range. We are inspired by nature to help create outdoor spaces that exude a sense of peace and harmony.”

In addition to creativity and innovation, sustainability is another important aspect of the Schellevis® approach. “Where possible, we always opt for sustainable solutions. Raw materials such as sand and gravel are delivered to our plant by water, and we work with local suppliers from the wider region. Our machines consume minimal energy, and we dry and cure the products naturally without gas,” Geerdink explains. “We reuse our own rejected products as base components as well as old concrete paving that landscapers break up. The recycled concrete granulate is used as a substitute for gravel in new Schellevis products. Thanks to these and other efforts, currently half of the materials we use are recycled raw materials.”

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