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19 December 2023 | Case story

Architecture of sound

How do you convert a church into a workplace and meeting place, while gently and discreetly eliminating the typical reverberation of church acoustics? For the renovation of St. Joseph’s Church in Roeselare, 3ARCHITECTEN went in search of soundproofing solutions that looked good and blended in with the style of the former church.

A serene place to work and meet

The architectural firm purchased the deconsecrated church with its authentic, high vaults and stained-glass windows in 2018 and gave it a new use. It became the new workplace for some 20 employees of 3ARCHITECTEN and at the same time a meeting place for the local community. A space for choir rehearsals, talks, or even yoga classes after business hours and on weekends. The idea is that the former church can only be booked for activities and events that are in line with its serene atmosphere.

The renovation was also done with respect for the original site, making aesthetically limited changes on the church’s exterior and preserving the ambience of the interior with modular adjustments.

At the front and sides of the ground floor, large windows were installed to open out the church onto the outside world. Where the altar once stood, room was made to accommodate the architects’ offices, including a staircase leading to the upper office level. The offices of 3ARCHITECTEN can be closed off from the rest of the church using the sliding choir gates. In the church porch, a number of meeting rooms were provided.

Optimal reverberation

Acoustics were an important point of attention during the renovation. Churches typically have a long reverberation time, making them less suited for use as a workplace or meeting place. PETAC® helped provide a number of decorative and sound-friendly solutions that closely match the serene atmosphere of the church. White PETAC® panels were used to finish walls, ceilings and balustrades in the offices. A number of accent walls were finished in PETAC® with a top layer in perforated wood veneer. And that is how the church became a beautiful and sound-friendly workplace and meeting space. Mission accomplished.

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