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18 March 2024 | Theme story

A soft landing

Looking to style your outdoor space or extend your patio season? Add plenty of charm and beauty with an item that is becoming increasingly popular. The outdoor rug: conveniently weatherproof, offering lots of versatility and comfort, with just the right amount of trend-setting flair.

Although there is no limit to the number of rugs you can have in your house, choosing a rug that works both indoors and outside is bang on trend. It’s also a great way to combine the artistry of rug weaving with outdoor living. Instead of making choices on the spur of the moment, Limited Edition -
a textile industry pioneer - would prefer that you take a deep dive into the living lab of Belgian craftsmanship. So, what can you expect? The most perfect artisan Belgian rugs with a sustainable label from a company that has grown into an international player with a workforce of more than 200 employees in just a few decades and an impressive list of prestigious customers and projects. An enterprise where a link with Belgium and a personal touch are common threads in the vision of Katia Dewitte and her husband Philippe Hanet.

Choosing for sustainable materials
Limited Edition’s indoor rugs are widely known but in the 1990s, the company was already a forerunner, producing the first outdoor rugs. As such, it was able to capitalize on the outdoor and sustainability trends within the carpets and rugs industry, something it is proud to continue doing today. Katia Dewitte: “In recent years, outdoor living has become increasingly popular, with people investing in stylish outdoor spaces to enjoy their time in the sun. Rugs are the perfect way to create cosy corners and a refined outdoor experience. To date, Limited Edition is still the first company to have produced a sustainable, recycled outdoor rug as early as the 1990s: our Poolside, which is made from recycled vinyl yarn, is UV-resistant and easy to clean. The simple graphic pattern and classic braiding lend lots of natural charm, making this a versatile rug for indoors and outdoors, which, given the weather in Belgium, is always a plus.”

Limited Edition’s weaving and tufting department was expanded with a dyeing and wool-spinning facility. But it also has an in-house recycling facility for converting consumer production waste into recycled vinyl, for use as a raw material to produce new yarns for the company’s outdoor rugs.

Katia Dewitte: “We rely on frequent lab testing to continuously adapt the sustainable production of our weather-resistant and hard-wearing rugs. Sufficient weft twining increases resilience, an absolute must for example for the rugs that we produced for Expo 2020 in Dubai, an event with a lot of passage and where temperatures regularly exceeded 40°C.”

About NOA:

NOA outdoor living is an experience park for outdoor design in Kruisem. In the theme gardens, you can find inspiration to decorate your garden. These gardens combine architecture, landscape, and interior, and welcome architects, landscape architects, designers, and contractors as well as private prospects. In this inspiration park, you will find luxurious garden furniture and designs by more than 30 high-end partners, who are happy to advise you as you bring your dream garden to life. Moreover, the park is the perfect professional networking location; the conference rooms, covered patio, spacious showroom, and plaza of NOA outdoor living are the ideal setting for your conference, product presentation, or product launch.

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