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Niko | Energy story

By installing a smart home automation system like Niko Home Control, you not only save energy and costs, you are also a lot more efficient with your energy. You have detailed insights into how much electricity you consume and produce yourself, you adjust your consumption to your production and you spread your consumption as much as possible over the day.

The Niko Home app sends smart energy alerts in specific cases, for example when there is overproduction of solar energy or when there is abnormal electricity consumption, which helps you avoid unpleasant surprises on your energy bill.

The solar mode function of Niko Home Control ensures connected devices are automatically activated when there is overproduction of solar energy. This increases self-consumption and reduces your distribution costs.

Niko Home Control's peak mode also helps you to better manage and spread your electricity consumption during the day. This allows you to avoid peaks in your consumption and you become less dependent on electricity supplied by the grid.

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