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Barbecuing is a special but often lonely activity. Ofyr sees things differently. With the cooking units from this Dutch specialist in outdoor cooking, the chef becomes part of the group, and you create solidarity around the fire. The plancha-like cooking plate lends itself perfectly to show cooking and a multitude of cooking techniques. The collection also includes outdoor furniture, cooking apps and accessories. Ofyr offers a complete outdoor kitchen; a lifestyle concept that is internationally appreciated by professional chefs and lovers of outdoor cooking and design.

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  • OFYR | Mise en Place Table Corten 65 PRO Dark Grey Ceramic

  • OFYR | Island Corten 100 PRO Teak Wood

  • OFYR | Tabl'O

  • OFYR | Wood Storage Black 200

  • OFYR | Classic Black 85

  • OFYR | Herb Garden Bench Corten

  • OFYR | Wood Storage Corten Dressoir

  • OFYR | Mise en Place Table 135 PRO Teak Wood

  • OFYR | Classic Corten 100 PRO

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