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CosaPots | Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not only a busy, bustling metropolis on the US west coast but also the name of this super-elegant pot model. Los Angeles is known for its Hispanic residents, more southern-oriented, who want to make it all a bit more cheerful and lively. With its distinctive, conical shape, it fits into an indoor room or on a terrace where rounded lines have a place. Or in a very sleek interior where you just want to use conical shapes to interrupt the sleekness. Cosapots Los Angeles in any case adds emphatic character to the place it is assigned, anywhere. Where it may leave its mark as a sample of craftsmanship for years to come...
Cosapots Los Angeles is available in 3 sizes (diameter 56, 70 and 84 cm) and 6 colours (Darkstone, Concrete stone, Whitestone, Greystone, Riverstone, Taupestone).

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